Board of Directors

SWC Board celebrates the Executive Director's 30th anniversary
The Board celebrated Lynda Kosowan’s 30th anniversary with the Centre in March 2016

President:  Joanna Noble

Vice-President: Janice Nicholson

Treasurer: Paridhi Bhola

Corporate Secretary: Marie Bomba

Members: Christiana Chen, Samantha Clarke, Cheryl Denomy, Venesse Lewis,  Lisa Nightingale, Beth Purdon,  Dimitra Tsagaris

Vision: Embracing diversity and empowering women for brighter, independent futures

Mission: Scarborough Women’s Centre delivers programs and services to promote positive change for women in a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment. The Centre empowers women to become economically and emotionally independent for future success and to strengthen their local communities, free from violence.

Our Strategic directions for 2015-20

This document outlines our current Strategic Directions.  The Board reports to our membership at the AGM on achievement of the Directions.  STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS 2015-20

Please enjoy our 2017-18 Annual Report

Here are our 2017-18 Financial Statements