Photo of Woman in side view, with words "What if I told you, you are not alone?"Counselling is a free and confidential service that supports women to become economically and emotionally independent. Every year, we help about 300 women make long term changes in their lives.  This includes making plans to leave abuse and recovering from abuse.

Our Counsellor helps women identify their goals and the steps needed to attain the goal.

Identifying Goals

Women come to the Centre to see the Counsellor in an hour long session to talk about what changes they would like to make in their lives.  Goals can be very broad, such as:

  • Leaving an abusive partner
  • Becoming more self-sufficient
  • Building effective relationships with family members
  • Developing coping skills and personal power
  • Reducing isolation and building a support network

Identifying small steps for accomplishment

After the intake interview, women will visit the Counsellor as needed to make her broad goal more manageable. The counsellor assists the woman to explore new possibilities and get connected to other available resources to achieve her ultimate goal.

  • Searching for a job/Getting a Job
  • Re-establishing contact with a family member
  • Calling a lawyer/Legal Aid
  • Registering for workshops

All women who are willing to change their situation are welcome  by self-referral. For more information, review the counselling brochure.  Counselling Brochure

Please send an e-mail to the SWC Counsellor.

Prior to your first appointment with the Counsellor, take some time to think about what you want to accomplish with her help. Please note that the Counsellor is usually booking about 4-6 weeks ahead.

NOTE: As of November 29th, 2017 we are not taking new counselling clients at this time as the program is currently full.  Please feel free to contact the Centre again and we will announce on our web-site when we are able to take new counselling clients.  In the mean time, here is a list of other agencies which provide free or low cost  Counseling Services

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice prior to your appointment. If possible, please provide more notice as other women are waiting for appointments. Please note that if you miss a maximum of three consecutive appointments without reasonable cause we will need to give priority to other clients.

To understand expectations for service users, please review  Service user Rights and Responsibilities  

“I am not a victim anymore.”





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