Our impact

Visualizing our impact

This infographic tells the stories of 3 women, how the Centre supported them, and how your donation dollars make that possible.  SWC Infographic – Our impact

Our performance

The Centre served 3921 women in 2016-17:

  • 2,268 contacts by email, phone and walk-in
  • 70 workshops attended by 825 women
  • 352 women used counselling and mentoring services
  • 20 workshops attended by 515 marginalized or at-risk young women aged 13-19 years
  • 5 workshops attended by 38 women with disabilities

This presentation was shared by the Executive Director at our AGM on September 26th, 2017.  Thanks to Rubina Bhola for putting it together! LEGACY – ED presentation at the 2017 AGM

For further information, please  review our SWC Annual Report 2016-17

Asian woman readingOur service users

About the diverse women using the Centre:

  • 76% of participants are between ages 30 & 60
  • 23% speak or read at least one other language besides English
  • 65% of participants have at least one child
  • 42% of women are using TTC to attend programs at the Centre
  • 63% of participants have a household income of less than $25,000
  • 53% of women are not currently employed
  • 31% of those women are currently receiving social assistance/EI/ODSP

Information requested by women in our Information and Referral Program:

  • 46% Employment and education
  • 17% Emotional and physical health
  • 10% Practical Supports, legal housing
  • 12% Women’s safety
  • 7% Services for specific groups
  • 3% Volunteer opportunities
  • 6% Other issues (e.g. children, settlement, seniors, support for men)





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