Lynda Kosowan, Executive Director 416-439-7111 x 1

Jacynth Fennell, Counsellor 416-439-7111 x 2

Carol Soares, Counsellor 416-439-7111 x 6

Ferozan Nasiri, Building Strong Futures: Young Women’s Program Coordinator 416-439-7111 x 4

Melissa Simas, Expanding the Reach: Outreach to Women with Disabilities Program Coordinator  416-439-7111 x 3

Nasima Danishyar, Education Program Worker  416-439-7111 x 7

Kalum Perera, Administrative Assistant 416-439-7111 x 5

Meklit Arega, SAGE Project Coordinator (Strategically Advancing Gender Equality) 416-439-7111 x 7



Lynda Kosowan, MSW, RSW, Executive Director