Newcomer women

We offer several services of interest to newcomer women:


In order to express yourself more easily during your meetings with your Counsellor, you can request the services of an MCIS interpreter.    All interpretation will remain confidential.  It may take up to 72 hours to arrange the appointment.

Language tutoring

South Asian woman smiling in sari
Women using the Centre come from all over the world

In order to improve your English conversation and literacy skills, you can request a tutoring volunteer.  The Coordinator of Volunteers can match you with a trained volunteer to receive support in an informal setting within a six-month or one-year contract.  This is available to anyone who has already taken an ESL course.  It may take several weeks to be matched with a tutor.

Community-specific referrals

We can connect you with resources available in your community.  Here is a pdf brochure Services for Newcomers in Scarborough    If is also available in Word format for those who find it more accessible Services for Newcomers in Scarborough

For more information, contact

Our Services

Here is a brochure that explains a bit more about our Centre’s Services for Newcomers