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Visualizing our impact

This infographic tells the stories of 3 women, how the Centre supported them, and how your donation dollars make that possible.  SWC Infographic – Our impact

Annual report 2020-21

Please find attached a copy of the Annual Report 2020-2021

Our performance

IMPACT INFO FOR 2019-2020 – this is only possible with your support!

The Centre served approximately 4, 013 women in 2019 – 2020

Information & Referral

2678   contacted the Centre for information & referral, 95% of those seeking information are from Toronto (including Scarborough)

Contact was made by: Phone (83%), Email (12%) Walk-in (5%)

10% found us online & through media, 30% were referred by friends, family, neighbours, etc., 60% were referred by community partners, police & health care providers

Issues identified

Education & employment – 24%, Practical supports (legal, housing, etc.) – 23%

Emotional & physical health – 15%, Women’s safety – 15%

Services for specific groups – 6%, Volunteer opportunities – 3%

Other (donations, men’s services) – 14%

Education Program

We offered 71 courses and workshops, 1981 hours of service, 562 individual participants, 678 participations, 530 outcomes:

Emotional health (made positive changes, improved self-confidence) – 27%

Life skills (communication skills, built support networks) – 25%

Navigate systems (obtain useful info) – 24%

Economic security (academic training, established career goals) – 16%

Violence prevention (made a safety plan, left an abusive situation) – 8%

Counselling & Mentoring

395 individuals accessed support programs, with 716 outcomes:

Life skills (communication, built support networks) – 29%

Emotional health (self-care strategies, independence) – 27%

Navigate systems (connect with resources, obtain useful info) – 24%

Economic security (academic training, obtained employment) – 14%

Violence prevention (made a safety plan, left an abusive situation) – 7%

Investing In Women’s Futures

Service Statistics Individual women served: 425

Women who received Violence against Women Counselling or Peer Support (i.e. total number who used this service): 170

Women who received One-on-One Violence against Women Counselling: 147

Women who attended Group Violence against Women Activities: 129

Women who created safety plans: 129

Women who received systems navigation support: 200

Women who attended life skills and self-esteem programs (i.e. total number who used this service): 370

Women who received one-on-one life skills and self-esteem counselling: 333

Women who attended life skills and self-esteem group workshops, peer support groups or information sessions: 337

Women who received pre-employment services (i.e. total number who used this service): 250

Women who attended a pre-employment group workshop program, peer support group or information session: 240, Women who received employment counselling or peer support: 195

Building Strong Futures: Young Women’s Outreach Program  In 2019-20, we provided service to 378 individuals, and collected information about 423 outcomes:

Developed life skills: 29%, Personal development: 28%, Employment & education: 18%, Learned about young women’s issues: 13%, Obtained useful information: 12%


Demographic profile of women using the centre

66% of participants are between ages 31 & 60, 61% of participants have at least one child

43% of women use TTC to attend programs at the Centre (pre-pandemic)

59% of participants have a household income of less than $25,000

89% have a household income of less than $60,000

56% of women are not currently employed

47% of those women are currently receiving social assistance/EI/ODSP

8% identified themselves as Indigenous

9% identified themselves as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or queer

22% identified themselves as having a disability

71% had some post-secondary education

 Asian woman reading